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Ultimate Peace

Established in 2008, Ultimate Peace is an organization that uses the exhilarating and fun sport of Ultimate Frisbee to build community, unite people, and educate youth around the world. Their most notable program to date is Ultimate Peace in the Middle East where the organizers of Ultimate Peace bring together disadvantaged youth from Palestinian, Arab Israeli, and Israeli Jewish communities to learn, play and unite around the sport of Ultimate.

Ultimate Peace doing what they do best!

Through our bike ride, we are raising money for Ultimate Peace. We are aiming big (as always) and we hope you can have a quick think about how you might be able to assist us to meet our funding goal for Ultimate Peace.

If you are fortunate enough yourself to be in a position to donate, you can do this by using the green box on the right.

If you aren’t – no problem, perhaps you can assist us by spreading the word of Ultimate Peace to your friends, or in another way.

We encourage you to read more about Ultimate Peace here:


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