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Ferry, Ferry Big Bike Adventure

Written by Jess Dan. Posted in Australia

Our second and final bike tour in preparation for the big one started out last week at Frankston. Our friends Dan Young and Ewan Wymer were along for the ride in very high winds – at times reaching 70km/h on the first two days. Our 6 day trip covered 430km and more changes to the plan than you can poke a stick at.

And so it begins

Written by admin. Posted in Australia

I returned to Brisbane after working for a month installing solar trackers in Queensland’s outback. My girlfriend, Jess, and I loaded the car and began a week long winding road trip down to Bendigo for the Australian Ultimate Frisbee Championships.

On the way (well, a bit out of the way really) we called into Shaw’s Cycling Centre run by my old bike mentor, Dennis Shaw in Ballarat. I rang Dennis at the start of 2013 to let him know that Jess and I had decided to cycle from my hometown of Creswick all the way to London. At the time, Dennis told me he had just the bikes for us and he started to order bits in to get them ready. Well, Jess and I picked up those bikes a fortnight ago and took them for a spin that day. My Dad, Rob, came along for the ride to Ascot. We have bought Vivente World Randonneur’s and they are a very smooth ride.