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The Silk Road

Written by Jess Dan. Posted in China, Kazakhstan

Our brief stint in China ground to a halt at the Korgas border post with Kazakhstan. The Kazakhs over the other side were holding their annual celebrations for the end of the second world war which went on for five days. We found a cheapish spot to set up for four nights at 100Y and I caught the overnight sleeper bus back and forth to Urumqi to pick up our passports with our shiny new Kazakh visas. Too my surprise the visa we had been issued had already started ticking the day prior, and by the time we finally crossed the border we were on day 5 of our 30 day non-renewable visa.

Vietnam and China

Written by Jess Dan. Posted in China, Vietnam

Arriving at the Vietnam border with Laos at we met an immigration point that was closed for lunch for another two hours. There was a trickle of people steadily coming in to the gate, but no crowd, this was an entrance used by very few.


Written by Jess Dan. Posted in Laos

We were welcomed with open arms to Ruben’s place in Vientiane. A beautiful two storey house with a monster gate and similar sized pup, Beasty, located just near Don Chan palace.



Written by Jess Dan. Posted in Laos, Thailand

After a month off, it was hard to even look at the bikes when we got back to Bangkok and located them at Kerry and Jonno’s place in Sukhumvit. We had them serviced and replaced the two smaller chain rings, the clusters and the chains on both bikes – afterall they’d put in 11,000km and were well and truly worn! Unfortunately it took a couple of days for the bikes to be finished but I guess this gave us enough time to mentally consider riding again.



Written by admin. Posted in India

We arrive in india and clear customs with a cleat bag, a hand bag and one of our waterproof bags as all of our luggage for the next three weeks in India. After a mad rush around Bangkok to find someone willing to take care of most of our gear and two bikes while we were away (Thanks Kerry!), then a race to the indian embassy to pick up our passports with our shiny new visas we actually arrived at the airport about 3 hours too early to check in… oops.

The Chiang Mai and Lampung side trip

Written by Jess Dan. Posted in Thailand

Pushing close to overstaying our welcome with the wonderful Aeoy, and with no other hosts in Bangkok, Jess and I made the decision to hop the overnight train to Chiang Mai. My teammate from the Bangkok Hat, Ekk Jampa, had invited us to come and explore Chiang Mai and stay with him and his housemates. We are so glad we did!

With the instructions, “get to Chiang Mai train station, hop in a red truck to Malin Plaza and I’ll meet you there” we had all we needed for another adventure. Aeoy (our Bangkok host) kindly offered to look after all of our gear at her place for the week so we travelled with next to nothing (which made for some smelly socks).