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Tbilisi – Istanbul

Written by Jess Dan. Posted in Georgia, Turkey

In Tbilisi, after many skype calls and emails, we finally were met by our friend from home, Ewan. Leaving his helmet behind as it didn’t fit in his check luggage (he has made a note to next time bring it in carry on) he quickly rectified the problem by buying a watermelon helmet. The watermelon was very well received by the Georgian motorists, who typically are not so biker friendly. During our stay in the capital, we visited the treasury as well as a museum about russias hold of georgian territory. It all seemed very violent and very recent.

Georgia and Turkey: Guest blog with Ewan Wymer

Written by Jess Dan. Posted in Georgia, Turkey


This is the sound of Jess, Dan and I passing you by while we were in Georgia. No doubt if you substitute the local word for hello, it’s the sound of Dan and Jess passing you anywhere. You can tell them from a mile off, there’s the matching maroon Bendigo Bank t-shirts (a donation from Creswick Bendigo Bank) which I made them wear only a couple of times, the panniers with mismatchy, sun faded but still bright covers and smiles almost as wide as the road. If you get the above treatment, i.e. a hello and some squeezes from the air horns, there is a 99% chance you will smile and wave at us. This is what makes cycle touring the most fun.