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Written by Jess Dan. Posted in Malaysia

With a frisbee clinic to make in Kuala Lumpur, we had a four day limit for the cycle from Singapore. We cycled around the west coast taking in Muar and Malacca. In Muar we became local stars front paging the local paper after being interviewed at the traffic lights on the way out of town. “What did you do in Muar?” “Erm, cycled through it!”. It went well.


Written by Jess Dan. Posted in Singapore

After arriving to Singapore in the middle of the night from Indonesia, we rested up in a hostel in China town. Our time in Singapore was a brief eight days, but we have with us now many fond memories and new friends. We ambitiously set out to run a fundraiser Ultimate Frisbee tournament for Ultimate Peace at about one weeks notice. My email from Indonesia met Enrique Lee at UPA Singapore and he moved things along for us with help from the board. In the end, we got a free set of fields, and a turnout of around 65 local players. We met pretty much every one of them for the first time on the day of the tournament! But more about the tournament later.

The great escape

Written by Jess Dan. Posted in Indonesia

After her run in with a truck in Babat, Jess recovered well enough to continue cycling after three days, and we legged it West as far as Jatibarang, West Java for Christmas. The stitches are now out, but she still has a lump on her forearm three weeks later. In Jatibarang, we stopped in at Hotel Aneka Baru and booked in for the cheapest clean room. When Herman, the hotel owner, noticed we had come in on bikes, he immediately upgraded our room, returned the money we had paid and invited us to stay a second night on the house. That’s some great hospitality! We went to Christmas Eve church with Herman and his family – which was an experience to hear the Christmas carol tune you knew but accompanied with completely foreign words. When we did move on from Jatibarang, Herman and family ensured our panniers were loaded with mangoes. As we left, Herman explained with a gleam in his eye that a few years prior, he himself had set out from Jatibarang and cycled to Denpasar, Bali – all to celebrate his 70th birthday!

No brakes but no breaks

Written by Jess Dan. Posted in Indonesia

After a five day wait due to maintenance at the Sape port, we boarded the ferry to Sumbawa. Bunking up in the cheapest hovel we could find we stayed the night before putting in a big 120km day to the city of Dompu. The first guy we met in Dompu, like the first guy we meet in most towns, was an absolute champion.


Written by Jess Dan. Posted in Indonesia

Hello Mister. Where are you going Mister? Where are you from Mister? What is your name? What is your religion? And hers? Are you married? Oh we thought you were married. You must be brother and sister?

Dili to Kupang

Written by Jess Dan. Posted in Indonesia, Timor-Leste

Dili to Kupang (Nov 6 – 15)

When we left you last we were staying in Darwin at the end of the road in Australia. We stopped in Darwin for ten days, played touch football, ate at the beach markets, ran an ultimate frisbee tournament, had barbeques and beers at the beach and at parties in town. Unfortunately during our stay, we were cycling to the doctor in Casuarina when Jess, distracted, ran into the back of a car that had stopped to make a school drop off. Jess was not travelling fast, but went straight through the rear windscreen of the people mover, smashing it with her face.